Here are the details for this tournament:

  • Register a team online below, or just show up at the fields at 12pm on November 8
  • The cost $10 per person, paid at the tournament. This includes a totally awesome T-shirt and a donation to the Art Van (http://artvanrolling.org/).
  • Teams include up to 14 players, although 7-10 is the optimal size (only 2-3 frisbee members per team)
  • Teams are guaranteed at least two games.
  • There will be a station where frisbee players will teach you how to throw really well.
  • Fun will be had by all!

Shut up, I just want to register my team!!!

Enter your team using THIS EASY FORM (linkout)


Sectionals Results

On a foggy and moist saturday morning in late september the Clown assembled for fall club sectionals 08. The first team for Clown was Red Tide. Due to some sleeping in, only 9-10 players arrived on time, the rest of the team showed up a few points in. Tide used their numbers, punctuality and wileyness to beat clown 13-2, in a game that had the clown O moving close to the endzone to only have an unforced drop or throw just off. A side then heckeled b side as they faced Concrete Jungle from Wentworth “i want my money and i want it now”  Institute of Technology.  

Clown then played DoG, keeping the game tight until DoG utilized the strategy of perfect hucks to a man only 2 steps ahead. Clown built a lot of momentum and played a clean game, falling 13-7.

Next was Red Circus, in a match of Clown logo based teams. Clown again had too many unforced errors and held the disc too long against the 4 man cup and lost 13-3. 

Demoralized, Clown proceeded to beat Savage Strike 13-3 in the pouring rain. 

Next was the 1 seed and nationals bound Bodhi. Tired, cold, wet and facing a warm meal at Chauncey’s house, clown lost 13-0.

On sunday, Clown started by falling behind Brown, something like 11-7. Getting on the comeback train, Clown rode Pockets’ good reading of the zone and disc to take it to universe point at 14. But alas, as quickly as the Clown had come back Brown scored, beating the Clown 15-14.

The Clown then played pokie for the next game against Savage Strike, who used their strength to defeat Squirtle and Chauncey, but Dutch used his anger-channeled via the “piss me off” hat to nearly break his opponents arm.

Boned Clown played a few games tight, but had too many drops and couldn’t put it all together. Credit/D/Fail clown almost scored enough in the tournament to constitute winning a game, earning a “D”.

Pictures should hopefully be up soon from both Clambake and Sectionals.


This weekend the Clown will be bringing Stoned Clown, Boned Clown and Credit/D/Fail clown for fall sectionals. Since Massachusetts is set to get rained on heavily we will be playing on field turf. The schedule is still not up but the clown hopes to tighten up from their sloppier performance at Clambake and use fire coupled with young legs to hopefully get some wins.

Seeing that the schedule isn’t up yet, there’s no doubt the score reporter will be any better. But do not fear, the Clown now has a twitter account that will give little updates and final scores. Start following on twitter or just check out this LINK


Saturday had the Clown start with a savage DOG. The Clown scored three quick points but DOG threw a wily zone (changing the look each point) that flustered the Clown and lead to a loss. Next was Run Silent Run Deep, who clown played tight but lost. Last was OFC, charged with new additions from the class of 08 and Chun-Li’s brother, who demoralized the Clown and won in a fun match.

On sunday hungover/DD clown lost to RPI and then proceeded to beat Bates and embarass the traitor Socrates.

And naturally Bowdoin was able to win the party.

Welcome back Clown! Practice for the fall season starts Thursday, August 28th for a few days of playing before the freshmen arrive.  This is the tentative schedule for preseason practices:

Thursday 8/28: 4pm, Farley

Friday 8/29: 4pm

Saturday-Wednesday: TBD

Thursday 9/4: 4pm, Quad, practice with freshmen

Friday 9/5: 2pm, Quad, practice with freshmen