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The Clown kicked off spring season with the yearly pilgrimage south to  Georgia to play in the second session of the High Tide Tournament. The tournament moved to Jekyll Island, and play was split over two fields. Hungover and mixed squad Clown played well for what ammounted to the first outdoor practice of the year, and beat Central Michigan and a mixed Georgetown team. Adjusting to the new location was difficult (two houses) but was made easier by the visit of alumni Schwinn and Wonder (’08). There are a lot of sweet playing photos in the Clown flickr:

Team Huddle

Team Huddle

And most importantly, Paris and Alvin won blind man’s beer with a time of 1:54, beating Pickett and Hufflepuff by 3 seconds.

The Clown then returned home for indoor practice and a shit-ton of tournaments. The first tournament was Yale Cup. In poor (windy) conditions, the Clown went 2-4, getting much better as the tournament went on. The Clown then went (for the first time) to Huckbuddy Invitational and facing similar poor conditions the Clown went 4-4.

The B/Shitbox team fought hangovers and went to Unity, Maine, for the only tournament before sectionals. Sober team went 4-1 and drunk team doesn’t remember the score.

Sectionals was a new challenge for this year’s Clown, still adjusting to the loss of its top 7 players (SWAS). A-Side lost heartbreakers to UMF, UNH and Dal, not making regionals this year.

While missing regionals was heartbreaking, it allowed the whole team to be around when alums came to visit on occasion of Seabass’s trek to the east coast for some robot soccer action. An impromptu OFC-Clown game was started, and the younger, faster Clown won the game, although Nutz defeated Dusty bottoms in the halftime disc. The Clown was grateful to see Nutz, Flower, Raymond, Chun Li, A-Cup, Vibe, Gerber, Rodeo, Rabbit, Seabass and Mojo all playing again.

The next weekend, the Clown got all dressed up for the All Sports Dinner, but this time actually had an occasion to attend. This year captains Chauncey and Hummer (’09) received the Harvey award for JV or Club team leadership. As Mojo, who nominated all the captians says:

“this is not just an award for them individually, but also an award for all of the Chaos and Clown community.  Over the last decade, the teams have grown to have an enormous influence on the campus, and your accomplishments on and off the field are, in effect, being acknowledged in these awards.  I hope you see these awards as yours too.”

And in the most important tournament, Chun Li and Silent Bob (#1 seed) returned to campus to beat Paris and Tum Tum (#3 seed) in the Third Tri-Annual Beer Die Tournament. The next tournament will likely be the RB Stadium Invitational.

Finally, welcome Dusty and Pockets as the Clown Junior Captains, Squirtle and Neidermeyer become the Senior Captians. And congrats to the Class of ’09.


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After a week of postponement due to inclement weather, the Clown (and lady clown) ventured out into the cold to play some ultimate in apparently clement weather (20 degrees, rock hard fields and blowing wind)  The Clown broke into three teams: Team Corporate (featuring alums Stiffy, Rodeo, Chun Li and Vibe), and poorly dressed X and Y teams.

Team Corporate faced Herniated Disc, a team made up of Animal, family and friends first. Finding the best way to work in the freezing cold, Team Corporate beat Herniated Disc. Next was Colby, who was defeated in a strong game and the wily use of push and trap in the cup. Losing to Dead Reckoning, Team Corporate found solace in leaving early and eating Big Top sandwiches.

Clown X and Y teams both won at least one game, and the winner, Stew, donated their turkey to the TedFord shelter.

There are a few pictures and some more from fall sectionals up on the stoned clown flickr group.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up for the IM Socially Responsible ultimate frisbee tournament. With the help of your $10 dollar donation, we were able to raise in excess of $1000 dollars which will be donate directly to the ArtVan.

A special thanks also goes out to Macmillian, Quinby, Burnett and Helmreich houses for their generous donations.

Finally, the kind people at ArtVan say the donation will “provide after school and summer ArtVan Programming to youth residents of Perryman Village in Brunswick, a low income Housing Project.  ArtVan will service the arts one day per week for a 2 hour session to all ages, encouraging safe self expression, self discovery and of course great art!& ArtVan will be matching these funds through grants and individual donations.”

Thanks again for taking a saturday afternoon to be Socially Responsible!

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Sectionals Results

On a foggy and moist saturday morning in late september the Clown assembled for fall club sectionals 08. The first team for Clown was Red Tide. Due to some sleeping in, only 9-10 players arrived on time, the rest of the team showed up a few points in. Tide used their numbers, punctuality and wileyness to beat clown 13-2, in a game that had the clown O moving close to the endzone to only have an unforced drop or throw just off. A side then heckeled b side as they faced Concrete Jungle from Wentworth “i want my money and i want it now”  Institute of Technology.  

Clown then played DoG, keeping the game tight until DoG utilized the strategy of perfect hucks to a man only 2 steps ahead. Clown built a lot of momentum and played a clean game, falling 13-7.

Next was Red Circus, in a match of Clown logo based teams. Clown again had too many unforced errors and held the disc too long against the 4 man cup and lost 13-3. 

Demoralized, Clown proceeded to beat Savage Strike 13-3 in the pouring rain. 

Next was the 1 seed and nationals bound Bodhi. Tired, cold, wet and facing a warm meal at Chauncey’s house, clown lost 13-0.

On sunday, Clown started by falling behind Brown, something like 11-7. Getting on the comeback train, Clown rode Pockets’ good reading of the zone and disc to take it to universe point at 14. But alas, as quickly as the Clown had come back Brown scored, beating the Clown 15-14.

The Clown then played pokie for the next game against Savage Strike, who used their strength to defeat Squirtle and Chauncey, but Dutch used his anger-channeled via the “piss me off” hat to nearly break his opponents arm.

Boned Clown played a few games tight, but had too many drops and couldn’t put it all together. Credit/D/Fail clown almost scored enough in the tournament to constitute winning a game, earning a “D”.

Pictures should hopefully be up soon from both Clambake and Sectionals.

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Saturday had the Clown start with a savage DOG. The Clown scored three quick points but DOG threw a wily zone (changing the look each point) that flustered the Clown and lead to a loss. Next was Run Silent Run Deep, who clown played tight but lost. Last was OFC, charged with new additions from the class of 08 and Chun-Li’s brother, who demoralized the Clown and won in a fun match.

On sunday hungover/DD clown lost to RPI and then proceeded to beat Bates and embarass the traitor Socrates.

And naturally Bowdoin was able to win the party.

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