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Fall Season 2009

Another year, and another fall season gone. Having bid adieu to the class of 09, the Clown went into Sectionals with a renewed focus to perform at the Div 1 level. On the other hand, the H1N1 virus had other ideas and proceeded to put many Clown players into quarantine or weakened them in time for the tournament. Coupled with the trend for small teams to drop out of Div 1, the Clown had a rough sectionals, putting together nice series (upwind score against Sons of Liberty’s zone), but nothing to contend with the other div 1 teams. The Clown was invited to regionals (since so many other teams dropped out), but declined due to lack of attendance (it was during fall break), and the fact we are not a Div 1 nationals level team.

Next came Clambake. With most of the games cancelled by rain, the Clown only played 1 game and then squared off Old Fat Clown for the annual showdown. Buoyed by a number of former captains and a long line of horn recipients, OFC won 15-13, with highlights going to Keanu’s layout to keep the game close in the teens, Wedge getting pissed off by Lurch’s foul call, and OFC winning halftime. The part, as always, was a blast despite the pouring rain and everyone got home safe or camped uncomfortably. The next day OFC managed to beat Harvard, in a surprising performance.

In the annual game for parents weekend, Team Evil (wearing black in the photo below), beat Team Good in a spirited game.


The IM Socially Responsible Ultimate Tournament, raised over $900 donated directly to the ArtVan. Highlights of the tournament included Quinby v Mac House game, and a team of vets embarrassing a team of rookies.

FBB was surprisingly warm this year, although rain at around 3pm forced yet another tournament to end early. OFC again put together a team, and the Clown was happy to see them.

With the end of the Fall season and now fully into winter, the Clown is looking forward to competing in the newly restructured UPA Div III program for small schools, the triumphant return to Tybee Island for the High Tide Tournament, and the field finally thawing.

We would like to thank all the alums who made it up to visit at during the semester (extra points to Nutz’s wife for surprising him by taking him to Red Brick on his birthday) and look forward to a successful spring season.


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